By Brittany Branson – Live Wedding Painter

This day is beyond special to you. So remembering it in a personal and meaningful way is too. While your beautiful flowers will wilt and that scrumptious menu will be devoured, a painting is forever. A live painting experience creates a one-of-a-kind keepsake you'll be excited to hang on your walls from the first moment you see it - allowing you to recall your most cherished memories every day and share your day with the ones you love.


The Details:

The toasts are given, the cake is cut, and the band begins to play. Sure, it’s a lovely reception, that’s just like every other one you’ve been to.Instead, give your guests something unexpected. From the flower girl to your grandparent, live painting is something everyone can enjoy. And unlike entertainment that ends when your celebration does, your live wedding painting is a tangible keepsake that provides a lifetime of joy.

And because the experience is exciting entertainment for your guests, you’ll want to have someone that knows how to naturally connect with them too. Brittany’s live painting always comes with a warm, bubbly, fun spirit! And as a dedicated professional, it’s her top priority to make sure you love every element of this experience as much as the finished composition.

Speaking of compositions, Brittany specializes in creativity. She thrives on crafting a painting that reflects a memory her couples want to treasure forever. This could mean capturing them in a first dance pose, but in their ceremony spot (should they love it better than their reception). Or, this could mean adding in the portraits of family members and loved ones who have passed on, and could not physically attend the big day.

This, of course, includes furry members of the family. Brittany donates a portion of the proceeds from every live wedding painting experience to a local animal rescue.

The wife of a professional pilot, Brittany is a seasoned travel professional and specializes in destination celebrations.

Photo credits: 1st (and featured) Emily Alyssa Photography, 2nd, 6th and 8th – By Brittany Branson, 3rd – Alison Dash Photography, 4th – Liz Banfield Photography, 5th – Marshall Arts Photography

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