Have Lover, Will Travel

Weddings are an opportunity to gather that is not to be wasted. Ceremonies by Have Lover, Will Travel create a transportive experience that moves your guests emotionally through the lens of your romantic journey together. You’ve found your lover, you've gotten engaged, you’ve chosen the destination, and your friends have flown in to celebrate. Now what will be said? What words will guide them through the appreciation for the moment? How will the tone be set to allow the planned celebration to unfold? Have Lover, Will Travel’s Founder Liz Norment is a professional writer with a penchant for love storytelling and an inherent desire to capture emotions, moments, and anecdotes as they intertwine through the cinematic retelling during your ceremony.


The Details:

Have Lover, Will Travel was born out of a desire to combine my lifelong passions- writing and traveling- and to make a change in the wedding industry that will leave a lasting impact. Every single ceremony fills my heart to bursting, and it is the greatest honor to use my energy, passion, and talent to create something truly profound for each couple. 

My officiating process starts with an interview and conversation that allows two people to tell the story of how they met. And from there, I gather the details. I send couples an intricate set of questions all based on their romance. And that’s when I get the good stuff- the pure magic shared between two souls that are truly connected; the magic and memories, the growth and learning. The adventures spent traveling the world. And that look you give each other that makes you feel like there’s no one else in the room.

I weave golden threads into each ceremony by including inside jokes shared between the two of you and anecdotes that will resonate with your guests as they sit and let their hearts attach to each part of your story, sometimes out of pure joy for you, and sometimes as a reminder of the beauty of love. I aim to paint pictures of specific scenes spent while traveling- that day hiking Machu Picchu when you both leaned on each other to carry on, the rogue scooter ride in Thailand that had you rolling into a rice field and found yourselves thankfully laughing together, the stranger in a cafe in Montmartre who smiled and squeezed your hands because they could feel it too- the magic between you.

The other half of Have Lover, Will Travel is dedicated to planning and organizing honeymoons. As a licensed travel agent, I work with couples to create custom, intentional adventures around the world. The wedding bands may symbolize the promise of a lifetime of love together, but your passport will be the booklet where your memories are made. 

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Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): Loreto Caceres Photography (feature photo); Photos By Maria B Lung (2nd); Samm Blake Weddings (3rd); Alejandro Severini Photography (4th); Kim Trang Photography (5th); Weddings by Nato (6th & 7th); Emily Kowalski Photography (8th); Kirnos Photography (9th); Kim Stockwell Photography (10th)




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