Sunset in the greek island Kalymnos over the island Telendos

Top 10 Locations to Wed In Greece


August 23, 2019
Words by Make Happy Memories
Photos courtesy of Make Happy Memories

Enlaced with exquisite beauty and rich history, Greece becomes one of the top international destinations for elopement through the years. Who wouldn’t be familiar with the captivating effect of every portrait of a wedding in Athens? Who hasn’t dreamt of turning the whitewashed postcard pictures of Santorini into real-life fairytale experience? There’s no doubt: when Greece is mentioned, the heavy hitters which include Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos always come to mind. However, there’s good news for you: the Hellenic Republic is composed of roughly 6000 islands which equal to thousands of more options for hosting your dream symbolic ceremony in Greece. 

With that being said, the land of the Greeks and its large number of islands can certainly be overwhelming. Owing to this, the Make Happy Memories team compiled some inspiration from remarkable event vendors and some of the best wedding planners in Greece which include 12 Events and Make Happy Memories! The list of Hellenic gems that we collated is perfect for couples who want to do their wedding in Greece without the inevitable crowd and noise of its famed spots. Without further ado, let’s get into the discussion. 

1. Kalymnos

Let’s start this enumeration with an extreme choice. This island in Southeastern Aegean is an excellent option for couples who want to experience a fun and exciting adventure for their post-wedding honeymoon. Kalymnos is certainly a haven for rock climbers, scuba divers, and water sports fan. The beauty of this island doesn’t only lie on its limestones, beaches, and underwater, though. Kalymnos is also rich in luxurious villas and delightful flavors that your wedding guests will surely enjoy. 

2. Crete

This Mediterranean island’s allure doesn’t only lie on its charming beaches and sparkling blues. A place where myth meets history, Crete is considered as the birthplace of the most ancient civilization of Europe. Expect to be bedazzled with the historical castles, old towns, and reminiscent fortresses that you’ll see in this Greek spot. For those who are longing for distinct and superb elopement pictures, these&nbsp ancient landmarks are perfect for photo tours after your wedding in Crete! 

3. Milos

An extraordinary choice for couples who prefer intimate beach weddings, Milos offers a memorable experience without the crowd of Mykonos’ famous seashores. Moreover, the limestone caves and rock formations of this volcanic island is an interesting treat for those who are planning a post-wedding guest tour. 

4. Kastellorizo

Tucked in the southeastern part of the Mediterranean, this hidden gem is considered as one of the remotest islands in Greece. Kastellorizo’s phantasmagorical caves, neoclassical mansions, and idyllic fortresses are waiting to be discovered by the eyes of those who want to get out of their comfort zone.  

5. Zakynthos

This Ionian island can be frequented by tourists during summer so you might want to schedule your wedding in Zakynthos during off-peak season. Besides, it is highly recommended to go here during autumn when the weather is comfortable, and the trees are turning orange. Islands and cool weather: you and your partner will surely be delighted with the beauty of its irony. 

6. Corfu

One of the best things about Corfu is the charm of its Venetian town. This Italian-inspired spot offers several museums, landmarks, fortresses, and gastronomical pleasures for your astonishment. And oh, let’s not forget the Corfu beaches and coves that provide scenic treats for those who plan on having a yacht wedding. 

7. Paros

This Aegean island boasts its tranquil beaches and traditional communities. The quiet village of Paros is almost an identical of Santorini’s whitewashed establishments but without the huge crowd. Ideal for those couples who value the calmness and intimacy of their elopement! 

8. Aegina

This Saronic island used to be a Greek capital for a short time in 1828 and a naval power in the olden times. Therefore, couples can expect to unfurl the hidden gems of its history once they decided to get married in this place. Tip: the Ancient Temple of Aphaia can be a striking backdrop for your wedding mementos. 

9. Skiathos

Lying at the northwest of Aegean Sea, this island is prosperous when it comes to natural treasures. Its verdant countryside is excellent for hiking and its exquisite beaches are infused with opportunities to enjoy water sports. Another extraordinary choice for adventurous and fun-seeking couples! 

10. Rhodes

This award-winning island is the home of world-class castles, fortresses, and Medieval towns. Aside from its charm to history lovers, Rhodes is also a great choice for food and beverage enthusiasts. If you decided to tie the knot in this island, you should definitely try to incorporate the local wine of Embonas and the palatable patisseries in your reception menu! 

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