Dreamy Waterscape Wedding at Villa Sola Cabiati

A bride and groom in front of wrought iron gates in lake Como

Lake Como, Italy, with its breathtaking beauty and historic charm, has long been a coveted destination for weddings. This styled shoot, captured by the talented Hannah Quintana, takes inspiration from the very essence of the lake itself, creating a romantic and ethereal atmosphere at the exquisite Villa Sola Cabiati. Hannah describes the shoot as the brainchild…

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Lake Como Real Wedding at Villa Lario Resort

As the sun reflected off Italy’s Lake Como offering a dazzling backdrop complete with jetting mountains, Tiffany and Andy solidified the love built over their five-year relationship with adventurous “I do’s.” “We always knew we wanted to get married by the water,” Tiffany shares, “and Lake Como offered the perfect combination of water, mountains, and…

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Lake Como Wedding Inspiration at Villa la Cassinella

Wedding flower arch for ceremony

An inspiration for all couples seeking to celebrate tying the knot with Italy’s famed Lake Como as a backdrop, this photo shoot at Villa la Cassinella, designed by Britt Jones Co., was beautifully captured by the talented photographer, Allison Taylor Creative. We spoke with Britt to gather her insights and the “why” behind each element…

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Jayce Keil

As a husband-and-wife wedding team, we go beyond traditional photography and videography; we’re storytellers, weaving the tale of your love in stunning destinations. Our synergy captures not just moments, but the essence of your love story, transcending mere visuals.

We don’t just take pictures; we create an unforgettable luxury experience. From our initial connection, we prioritize understanding your dreams and desires, curating a visual masterpiece that mirrors your vision and surpasses expectations. Every frame and scene is a testament to our commitment to your love story.

Allow us to be your visual storytellers, preserving your journey and destination with the artistry and luxury you deserve. Experience the world through the lens of your love with us in all its splendor.

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The Essence of Romance & Beauty in Lake Como

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Lake Como, Italy, a team of talented wedding professionals came together to create a dreamy and elegant styled wedding shoot that captured the essence of romance and beauty. Claudia De Velasco, the mastermind behind A Day To Remember, sat down to share the journey behind this enchanting shoot. The…

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An Unforgettable Wedding in Lake Como

At first glance, Suzy and Juan could not be more different. All the way from Taiwan and Peru, this unlikely couple came from opposite sides of the world until their travels crossed paths in New York City. When it came time to settle down, Suzy and Juan wanted to celebrate their shared roots with one…

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Destinations with Dana

Destinations with Dana – Destination Wedding Photographer You don’t want a basic destination wedding package and you definitely don’t want just any wedding photographer. You’ve chosen to have a destination wedding because you want something different. You want to immerse yourself in the culture, enjoy rich experiences, and share your sense of adventure with your…

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