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January 28, 2021
Words by Cora Gold
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Getting married on the beach is a dream come true for many brides. There’s a breathtaking kind of beauty to sandy dunes and crashing waves that enhances the romance of a wedding. While you look for floral inspiration and seating arrangement options, check out a few beach wedding arch ideas to create a focal point for your altar.

Centering your ceremony beneath or in front of an arch gives you the ultimate backdrop for your wedding photos. Have fun reading about these creative ideas to see if any of them fit your wedding vision.

Hang Tiny Accent Pieces

Decorating your arch makes it stand out in photos. While you might begin planning what to pin across the top or sides, don’t forget about the space inside the arch. Using thin twine or clear string, you can hang tiny accent pieces to call attention to your arch without creating a solid wall.

Attach miniature seashells to play with your beach theme or petals that match your flower arrangements. It’s an easy and DIY way to make a beach wedding arch without requiring a big budget. Make them ahead of time and fit the strings of decor in your luggage. You’ll check another thing off your to-do list and planning won’t be as stressful.

Embrace Palm Fronds

Destination brides often use their venue and location as the theme for their wedding, so embrace palm fronds for decor and your ceremony arch. Line them along the curving sides or hang them down the empty space in the middle. They’ll fit right in with your beach venue and create a fun, laid-back ambiance.

Consider the Arch Itself

Wood is a popular material for beach wedding arches because it’s natural. Unlike metal arches, it’s a nod to your outdoor surroundings that doesn’t take away from your venue. Before you purchase anything, try to preview your arch in person. Feel along the edges to spot signs of low-quality wood, like uneven sanding or missed surfaces. Invest part of your budget into a high-quality wood wedding arch so it withstands shipping, strong beach winds and even unforeseen weather events.

Match the Greenery

The water ebbing and flowing next to your ceremony can become the inspiration for your wedding arch. Look at pictures of the waves and spot the colors swirling within them. Pick a few green hues to work into your arch through the leaves and flower arrangements in your floral work. They’ll subtly match your beach venue and work well with minimalist themes.

Drape Sheer Linens

Use beach winds to your advantage by draping sheer linens around your ceremony arch. The flowing nature of the fabric compliments the rolling waves behind them. As you browse pictures for inspiration, read about different types of fabrics so you don’t accidentally pick one that’s too heavy. Something light and airy works better and looks prettier as the backdrop to marriage ceremonies.

Visit Your Venue

If you can, visit your venue to come up with the best beach wedding arch ideas. Use the specific location and surroundings to pick materials, colors and accent pieces. With a little time and research, you’ll create a gorgeous wedding highlighted by a stunning ceremony arch.

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