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June 23, 2022
Words by Valentina Ring
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Planning a destination elopement? We’ve got you covered! Consider this your ultimate checklist for what to bring with you!

Destination elopements combine all the best, most magical and most exciting elements of weddings and of holidays – all in one awesome day! With that in mind, your packing list for your destination elopement will be similar to a wedding packing list, and it will take inspiration from your travel go-to’s. Scroll down to see the perfect list!

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Planning & Styling: The Stars Inside // Photography: Rebecca Carpenter Photography

Travel documents.
“All necessary documentation, passports, proof of visas, accommodation details, travel insurance, and basically any printouts of bookings or contracts you have – to make it extra smooth and easy in case you need access to some practical information while out and about traveling.” – Valentina Ring, Owner + Lead Planner, The Stars Inside

A travel steamer.
“One item that never leaves my side during wedding season, and is particularly important for destination weddings, is a travel steamer! You never know what ironing facilities you’ll have access to, and having a trusty little hand-held steamer will save you worrying about creases and crunches in your fabulous outfits.” – Valentina Ring, Owner + Lead Planner, The Stars Inside

Special attire for your fiancé.
“A destination elopement is classic. Smaller ceremony, fewer items on your checklist, but you still have a checklist. One of the most important items is what you and your partner will be wearing for the ceremony. One challenge with a destination can be your outfits, but don’t worry, long gone are the days of picking up your dress or wedding suit the day before your wedding. Vendors have changed with the times, and now you can do a lot of your planning online and get it delivered directly to you weeks before the wedding, which gives you plenty of time to pack your special outfits for your special day.” – Matt Ramirez, SVP of Marketing,Generation Tux

Special stationery.
“If you’ve chosen to have some stationery as a keepsake for your elopement (which I highly recommend!), then do bring along any elements of the stationery suite you’d like photographed. This could be, for example, an elopement announcement card, menus, place cards for yourselves, maps of the location you’ve chosen, and any other paper goods that are meaningful to you.” – Valentina Ring, Owner + Lead Planner, The Stars Inside

Ceremony items.
“When it comes to your ceremony, the items you need will depend on what type of ceremony you’ve chosen – but most likely you’ll want to have your wedding bands in some lovely ring boxes and vow books for your personal vows. If you are having a legally-binding ceremony abroad, make sure you revisit the list of documents you will need to provide the registrar, officiant or priest on the day. I always recommend erring on the side of caution, and taking paperwork with you even if you’re not sure you need it!” – Valentina Ring, Owner + Lead Planner, The Stars Inside

Electrical converters.
“Make sure you have the proper electrical converters so you can plug in your devices! You’ll be taking tons of pics so being able to charge your phone is key!” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director of Here Comes The Guide

A wedding day candle.
“One of my favorite things to recommend (or gift!) to my couples eloping is a wedding day candle: something to light as you’re getting ready in the morning, while you say your vows, and sit down for your dinner together. Scent is such a powerful trigger for memories, and I love when couples are able to take that candle with them back home, and remember just how joyous they felt during their elopement.” – Valentina Ring, Owner + Lead Planner, The Stars Inside

Portable speaker.
“You may want music to be a part of your day, and in that case, you may want to pack a good Bluetooth speaker, a battery pack for the phone you’ll be using to the play music, and pre-downloaded playlists of the songs you’ve chosen.” – Valentina Ring, Owner + Lead Planner, The Stars Inside

Tips and final payments for vendors.
“Figure out tips and final payments for vendors. Tipping customs vary greatly from country to country, so ask your wedding coordinator about proper etiquette. Pack your wedding attire, rings, and anything else of value in your carry-ons. You don’t want lost luggage to ruin your wedding day.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director of Here Comes The Guide

Letters from friends and family.
“A lovely thing that many of my couples like to pack is letters written by loved ones, which are flat, easy to pack, and lightweight – and allow you to create a really special moment of involving those friends and family that aren’t physically with you.” – Valentina Ring, Owner + Lead Planner, The Stars Inside

Décor items.
“If you are self-decorating any parts of the elopement celebration, such as your ceremony or your dinner, then don’t forget to pack your favorite props! Elopement decor is all about things that flat-pack easily – like beautiful fabric, tealights, or strings of fairy lights!” – Valentina Ring, Owner + Lead Planner, The Stars Inside

Bridal lingerie!
“You’ll still want to bring something special to wear that morning while you’re getting ready, and perhaps a few extra pieces to wear throughout the rest of your trip since a destination elopement could easily become a romantic getaway after saying your vows! We recommend packing some lingerie, a bridal robe, and even some luxe bridal-inspired pajamas to create as many special moments as you can throughout your time away together.” – Kristy Breed & Helen Semovski, Director & Designer, Le Rose Stories

Sentimental items.
“I always recommend my couples bring along some items with sentimental value, for example, some little family heirlooms, a piece of jewelry that is significant, or perhaps a loved one’s item, as this can make for a really special addition to your outfits and detail photographs as well. Think about the weather of the day, the terrain of the locations you’ve chosen, and definitely bring a change of clothing and shoes in case they’re needed on the day.” – Valentina Ring, Owner + Lead Planner, The Stars Inside

Emergency kit.
“Remember to also pack all the basic items in your first aid kit, day-to-day toiletries bag, as well as a little assortment of emergency bits like a travel sewing kit, safety pins, mini lint roller, tissues, scissors, mirror (particularly important for those adventurous elopements in the wild!), and clothing tape.  Think carefully about items that are destination- and season-specific, like plug adapters, jet lag relief pills, a travel umbrella, sun lotion, insect spray, sunglasses, or a cute jacket if it’s chilly.” – Valentina Ring, Owner + Lead Planner, The Stars Inside

Planning & Styling: The Stars Inside // Photography: Alex and Madi
Remember, every destination elopement is different, and the magic of celebrating this way is that you can make the day all about YOUR favorite ways of spending time together. Go through the timeline in your head, moment by moment, and think about what you could bring with you to make each part of the day extra calm, stress-free, and efficient.

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