Get Tipsy at a Whiskey Wedding

February 8, 2022
Words by Anthony Stein
Photos courtesy of Modern Vintage Events

In the middle of the U.S. is the heartbeat of America where the music is live and spirits are made. What a unique place to begin life together or as a honeymoon destination. As one arrives in Nashville’s International Airport, you instantly hear the sounds of live music playing in the terminal – a warm welcome to a town known as the Country Music mecca.

Making your way to the vibrant downtown area you see old buildings blending well with a growing modern skyline. The epicenter and the draw of this town for bachelors, bachelorettes, weddings and the start or finish of a honeymoon is Broadway. This place has energy 24/7. During the day you walk down Broadway taking in the distinctive smell of new leather escaping out of boot stores while passing by bars and restaurants with the night’s talent rehearsing or setting up. Just imagine having your squad with you meandering the streets wondering where the night will lead you or with your family, scouting out where to enjoy a beer and a show. You are certain to find a place that best suits whatever you have in mind.

Consider a trip down to Lynchburg where you will find the soul of our great society. The wonderful people of Lynchburg will tell you a story or two and you will believe it as truth. The realness of this small community where Old Number 7 was born – Jack Daniels Distillery that is – takes you back to what America is built on.

For the bachelor and bachelorette, please note that Lynchburg is a dry county. That means even though it has more whiskey sitting in its hills than the Kardashians clothes in their closets, you won’t be served at establishments outside the Distillery, plan accordingly. For weddings, you’ll work with your wedding planner to secure ABC certified bartenders to serve the alcoholic beverages of choice but not limited to Jack Daniels products.

If you are going to make Jack Daniels a part of your nuptials, the Distillery has recently started allowing wedding ceremonies to take place on its property. From the beautiful Motlow House, with its quintessential Southern charm, to the grand pavilion atop BBQ Hill, overlooking the beautiful Tennessee countryside, or in a historic Barrel House with towers of aging whiskey barrels all provide the most unique backdrops. The property can host small parties of just a few or up to 500+.

There is one other interesting and special place where folks are saying “I do” on the property and that is at the fresh spring water cave that fills every Jack Daniels bottle produced. The cave has a constant 56-degree water temperature providing natural air conditioning during a hot summer ceremony. The grounds are well manicured as you’d expect from a prideful southern owner. Did I mention you can purchase your own Barrel of whiskey? That’s right, you can have a private tasting to determine what barrel suits your palate and they will bottle it for you.

For the bachelor, bachelorette or honeymooning couple, the myriad of tours and tastings offered are sure to pique your interest for that one-of-a-kind experience you are looking for. Seeing whiskey being produced and hearing the story of the care these folks take to create this quality product really makes you proud…and thirsty. The other must-do in this quaint little town is to have lunch, oh I mean dine at Miss Mary Bobo’s Restaurant. Punctuality is key as you sit down at your reserved time because the food comes out hot and ready and your table host, who sits and eats with you and your party, tells you the history and meaning behind this truly authentic Southern culinary experience.

So, if you have whiskey and weddings on your mind, consider this charming and traditional Southern experience that will certainly get you a little tipsy.

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