Signet Ring, The New Wedding Band


February 7, 2022
Words by Olga Gonzalez
Photos courtesy of various

Matrimony recognizes the union between spouses—the love and commitment for one another, both legally and spiritually. A joyous and monumental occasion, it inspires couples to consider symbols and details that reflect the journey, as well as the future. Throughout history, jewelry has played an important role in the celebration of marriage, as a token of both the day itself and the days ahead. As more grooms seek sophisticated, custom details for the big day, they are turning to signet rings as alternative wedding bands.

Emmet Smith, Founder, and Owner of Rebus says, “Wedds–as us jewelers call them–symbolize love and commitment. The traditional wedding band is slowly evolving into statements of a couple’s individuality; this is where the signet ring comes into its own. Unisex and still effectively a ‘band of gold,’ these rings, via hand engraving, have far more potential to turn into a personal emblem of a couple’s love.”


From monograms symbolizing a united family, to portraying images imbued with meaning, developing a signet ring style offers next-level customization that speaks directly to the wearer. James Daniels, from Dorset, UK, wanted to create something special for his wedding. A classic 14K gold oval signet, hand-carved with the tree of life anchored into roots, was conceptualized, and Rebus craftsmen dashingly carved it into gold. An everyday reminder of the home and roots he and his wife created, his signet ring is a symbol of everlasting love, dedication, and family. After considering a canon of symbols, grooms can work with designers to customize their signet, carved by artisans in gold or within gemstone set signet rings.

Seal with Style

Signet rings aren’t just wearable, they are practical. After the wedding day, couples send thank you notes to guests. Adding a seal from a signet designed for the big day adds an elegant, and unexpected addition to the card. Gratitude with an “extra touch” adds another layer of meaning to a couple’s love and union.

Modern Heirloom

Traditionally, diamond wedding rings are passed on, from mother to son for a proposal, or to daughters as memorial jewelry in an estate, or for their own wedding day. For gentlemen, a wedding signet ring offers an heirloom to pass down from one generation the next. The signet ring is timeless, made to complement one’s everyday look, and treasured by children honoring the gift. Like wine and cheese, signet rings get better with age. For grooms looking to express their individuality, the signet is the ultimate wedding ring.

Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): Jenni O Photography (1st & 3rd); Rebus (2nd & 4th); Samantha Gill (5th)

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