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October 12, 2020
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While summer is arguably one of the best times to have a wedding (the gorgeous selection of flowers, outdoor venue options galore, ease of travel for guests, the list goes on and on!), we won’t deny that there are still some challenges. One of the biggest hurdles – and a total bridal nightmare – is sweaty hair and melting makeup. Although the heat might try ruining hair and makeup artists’ hours of hard work, there are a few tips and tricks that are sure to shoo away any makeup emergencies! The team at Be Inspired PR pulled together the ultimate industry insider tips to keep you looking and feeling your very best on your big day. 

The above photo was provided by Detailed Floral Design and captured by Kristina Yorks Photography.

One of the best “no-brainer” tips that truly can’t be undervalued is staying indoors in the AC or in a shady area for as long as possible. According to Ashley Lachney, owner and lead planner at Alston Mayger Events, this is actually a bonus for your photos. “Most photographers think photographing in straight sunlight isn’t ideal, so they’ll likely find a somewhat shaded are for you to strike a bridal pose if your photos are outdoors.” When you know you’ll be outside for an extended period of time taking all of your gorgeous photos, peppermint oil is the perfect trick to keep you feeling fresh. “Use a couple of dabs behind your ears and on the back of your neck for a cooling sensation that lasts a surprisingly long time,” shares Lachney – but be careful not too use too much so you aren’t smelling like a candy cane all day long!

The above photo was provided by Detailed Floral Design and captured by Kristina Yorks Photography. 
The above photo was provided by HoneyFitz Events and captured by Tyler Chase Photography.

While you may be dreaming of long and cascading curls for your wedding day look, that just might not be in the cards for a sweltering summer day. “Flexibility is key! Having the willingness to change plans and switch to a last-minute updo can save the day,” says Karese at Detailed Floral Design.  As the team at HoneyFitz Events suggests, opting for a classic or romantic updo is a win-win because “not only will your hair be secure, but it will also keep your neck and shoulder free so you will be able to cool yourself off easier throughout the day.” If you just can’t let go of your Pinterest board visions of loose hairstyles, follow Erica Trombetti of Infinite Events’ advice: have both styles! “We suggest starting with your hair up for all of your formal photos, and then taking it down for the reception – have your glam team stay with you throughout the day and into the beginning of your reception to help avoid falling hairs or frizz!” It’s also handy to keep a “hot weather kit” on hand – Jamie & Stephanie at Cape Cod Celebrations recommend keeping “an umbrella for shade and a tote with bottles of water during photos” nearby to stay hydrated and cool. 

The above photo was provided by HoneyFitz Events and captured by The Vondys.
The above photo was provided by HoneyFitz Events and captured by Molly Lichten Photography.
The above photo was provided by Kirkbrides and captured by Emily Millay Photography.

Makeup can be challenging to keep fresh even on the calmest and coolest of days, but warm temps won’t melt away your stylist’s hard work if you know what to do! Valarie Falvey of Kirkbrides says the key is “airbrush makeup, as well as extra makeup setting spray” to give you the ultimate weather-proof look.  And when in doubt – embrace the weather! “Warm weather will eventually make you look dewy no matter what, so opt for a natural, glowy look,” says Bri Berliner from Makeup by Bri at Vivid Occasions Mexico. Berliner also mentions some of the best prep work comes before the big day even arrives! “Don’t underestimate the power of hair and makeup trials – you can try out different looks and products that you can leave on for a whole day and night to test out how well everything looks and feels,” she shares. 

The above photo was provided by Wild Heart Events and captured by Anna Delores.

Of course, there’s more to staying fresh on your wedding day than just extra-strength bobby pins and a killer setting spray! Before you even get to the big day, be sure you’re openly communicating with your hair and makeup artist. “Keep them updated on what kind of weather you’ll be in, what tends to happen with makeup you wear in hot weather, and how your hair falls when it’s hot outside,” advises Kari Dirksen, CEO and Lead Planner of Feathered Arrow Events. For your pre-wedding checklist, try to prep your body early to stave off chances of looking oily (and feeling sweaty!). AJ Williams of AJ Events gives the advice brides may have not considered: diet is everything! “In the weeks leading up to your wedding, kick up vitamin A by eating steamed spinach, kale, boiled eggs, and mangoes – stay away from oily and spicy foods,” she shares, adding that since vitamin A slows oil production, it’s the perfect secret weapon. “Reduce your night cream at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding, and instead use a serum that contains oil-zapping salicylic acid,” shares Williams. And ultimately, when in doubt, Jaime Kostechko of Wild Heart Events knows that there are NO limits to what a bride should do to prioritize staying calm, cool and collected on her wedding day. “Wait until the last minute to put on your dress, and if all else fails, take a moment with the fridge!” 

Every bride dreams of looking their best on their special day, and warm temps shouldn’t make this feel out of reach! Whether you’re going full-glam or looking for a natural “no-makeup makeup” look, following these handy tips will keep you fresh as a daisy all day long.

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