8 Lucky Wedding Traditions


October 1, 2020
Words by Kacey Mya
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Luck for Your Nuptials From Around the World

If you’ve spent any time planning your wedding, a few new trends might have caught your eye. Brides are always looking for ways to personalize their ceremony and reception, but traditions can make your wedding day special too. While some promise happiness and lasting love, others are lighthearted and bring luck to your big day.

Every bride could use a little reassurance that their wedding will go off without a hitch. Check out these eight lucky wedding traditions from around the world to see if any of them will fit with your big plans. Start your marriage with a little luck on your side, and the honeymoon phase won’t ever have to stop:

1. Hide Your Dress

After you purchase your wedding dress, don’t give in to the temptation to show it off to your fiance. Most countries share in the tradition of only revealing the gown when you walk down the aisle. It’s fun to keep it a surprise until you head to the altar or pose for first look photos before your ceremony.

2. Put Your Right Foot First

An old Bulgarian wedding tradition says that the bride and groom must each step into their ceremony venue by putting their right foot first, which gives you luck as you both walk into marriage. It’s easy to remember and doesn’t add any extra costs to your budget.

3. Accept a Few Pinches

Egyptian women have always held a tradition where the bride must accept a few pinches from her family members and friends before walking down the aisle. The more pinches you receive, the more luck you’ll have in your marriage.

4. Say Peas and Thank You

During your wedding or reception, ask your guests to throw peas over your heads instead of confetti or rice. This Czech Republic tradition swears that peas will give you luck in conceiving a child whenever you decide you want to expand your family.

5. Walk on Coins

Swedish brides traditionally receive two coins from their parents — one gold and one silver. You’ll have more financial luck in your marriage if you walk down the aisle with one of these coins in each shoe. Any bride can find a few commemorative coins to personalize this tradition or borrow some if your family already collects them.

6. Decorate With Lilies

Before you order anything from your florist, consider decorating with lily-of-the-valley flowers. In Holland, these flowers renew your love every year and add a little luck and life to your marriage. They come in many different colors, which makes them easy to adapt to any theme or venue.

7. Smash Some Dishes

The night before your wedding, grab a few dishes and smash them to pieces with your friends and family. German brides celebrate the night of Polterabend, which means the evening of making a racket. As you break plates and bowls together, it invites luck to your wedding and every year that follows.

8. Light Post-Ceremony Firecrackers

Firecrackers can light the way to the lucky end of your wedding. Chinese brides often light firecrackers to scare bad spirits away with the fire and noise. You can also do this tradition before entering your home as a newly married couple, depending on if you can light firecrackers on your venue’s property.

Talk With Your Fiance

These fun traditions from around the world will shower your marriage in luck from the moment you walk down the aisle. Talk with your fiance to discuss which ones fit your wedding plans and seem natural for your personalities. You’ll find a few you both enjoy and add a bit of traditional fun to your big day.

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