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The Perfect Wedding Shoes


May 14, 2019
Words by Carolyn Steere
Photos courtesy of Pashion Footwear

Ouch! These Heels Have To Go!

Necessity is the mother of invention and we can find no better example than Pashion Sandals. How many weddings have you attended when the dancing begins and you witness woman after woman abandon their heels and go barefoot? Haley Pavone, an up-and-coming entrepreneur from California, recognized the need and came up with a solution. 

What was Haley’s inspiration?

“As far as developing the product, I created this product out of my own necessity. Growing up, I always felt very much inclined to wear high heels to any kind of formal or professional event. That being said, the shoes rarely ever stayed on my feet for the entirety of the night – leaving me to take on dance floors and the walk home barefoot. Doing so left me open to many, many injuries – from stepping on glass to being impaled through the foot by another woman’s stiletto. On the night of my impalement, I looked around and realized 80% of the women at the event I was at were barefoot. The idea for Pashion really hit me like a train in that moment…why is it that heels hurt, everyone knows this, and yet the only solutions to the problem are to either abandon your heels or haul an extra pair of shoes around? I thought that the women’s footwear industry could do better for its customers, and so Pashion Footwear was born.”

We tried them out and sure enough they were comfy and stable both as four-inch heels and flats and were simple to convert. Pashion Stelo™ is an insert that makes it possible to provide the support, rigidity and stability essential for a high heel shoe. To convert the heel to a flat, you simply unscrew the heel, remove the insert and replace the heel with a cap.

The shoes come in cream and black in three styles: Pashionista, The Boss and Goddess….all are on-trend and look great both as heels and flats. We give Pashion Sandals a thumbs-up for formal events and for those times when you are traveling and trying to stuff as many things into a suitcase as possible! To learn more go to

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