Ring Pairing Tips From The Experts

June 28, 2021
Words by Kinsley Brown
Photos courtesy of Greenwich Jewelers

Wondering how to find a wedding band that compliments your engagement ring but just don’t know where to start? We spoke with Jennifer Gandia and Christina Gambale, owners of Greenwich St Jewelers, to get their expert opinion on creating the perfect ring pairing!

Jennifer Gandia

In addition to symbolizing your bond, your wedding bands present a new opportunity for adding personality to your stack. 

I always encourage our clients to have fun and choose a wedding band that they really identify with. Set aside any preconceived notions of what you think a wedding band should look like, and focus on what brings you joy every time you look at it. Don’t be afraid to choose something adventurous! I believe that if you buy what you really love, you’ll never regret it. Whether that be a non-traditional diamond cut, a modern silhouette, or an oxidized finish…There are so many ways to be creative! It’s important to have a stack that you feel really represents your love story.

Mixing in a pop of color is a great way to infuse style and energy into your wedding set. You can also tell a meaningful story with the gemstones you choose to introduce. Each one has a fascinating history, full of intention and powerful spiritual properties that often date back to ancient times. You could also opt for a meaningful gemstone stone that represents your beloved, your family, or a special moment in life.”

Christina Gambale

“Variety is the spice of life! Mixing different diamond shapes, bandwidths, and metal colors together adds dimension to your stack.

When it comes to shapes, I suggest combining round diamonds with more geometric cuts – like baguettes and marquise diamonds. This can become even more playful when the diamonds are set asymmetrically or East-West (horizontally). 

Playing with scale is another way to create a chic wedding set. Start with the widest band on the bottom to serve as your base. Then, add a thinner diamond band, followed by your engagement ring. Aim for each ring to have its own aesthetic to prevent the stack from looking repetitive or too matchy-matchy.

If your engagement ring isn’t flush fit, meaning bands don’t sit neatly beside your ring and there’s always a gap, you can still achieve this look with a contour or shadow band. We carry designs that range from more timeless to modern, with daring angles and flirty diamond shapes. They’re made to hug your engagement ring and add the right amount of flair, whether you want an understated sparkle or a total transformation.

For diversity, I suggest adding a simple gold or platinum band in the middle to break up the diamonds.”

About Greenwhich St Jewelers:
“We’re a small, family-run business of native New Yorkers. And like the city we love, we’re always evolving. Nestled in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Manhattan, our store is a reflection of the diverse population and iconic architecture that surrounds it. We’re so proud of our past, but we’re also continually embracing the new, whether it’s discovering incredible designers, deepening our commitment to sustainability, or simply finding unexpected ways to make our customers smile. After all, jewelry is magic— and we want every single person who shops with us to feel that.”

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