Wedding guitarist Moses Lin plays at a wedding ceremony

Roving Musician, Moses Lin, is Setting a New Wedding Trend

February 15, 2024
Words by Jennifer Stein
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In the world of wedding entertainment, there’s a trendsetter making waves: Moses Lin. 

Wedding Guitarist Moses Lin plays in a tuxedo

Nothing sets the tone for your wedding vibe quite like the music you choose. From eliciting a sentimental tear and paying homage to the destination you’ve chosen, to packing the dance floor and keeping the after-party going long into the night, music takes center stage. 

With a wireless audio system in hand and a repertoire committed to memory, this live guitarist, Moses Lin, ventures beyond the traditional stationary setup, bringing music directly to wedding guests, and creating unforgettable moments.

“When I first started performing, I did what every musician did, I brought a stool, sat in the corner and played background music. The problem with being stationary was that my ability to engage guests was very limited,” says Lin. 

One wedding reception changed the entire way Moses Lin would perform. “I was seated in a corner and there was a table at the opposite end of the ballroom where guests were singing along to my music. I knew that if I could get over there, I would be able to make the moment so much more special.” From that instant, Lin bucked the system and armed himself with a wireless audio setup, allowing him to move around his events untethered.  

VIP Performances

When Lin performs, guests get the ultimate experience. “I can walk out into a crowd and serenade guests up close and create moments that were otherwise impossible before.” 

He’s also able to read the crowd with precision, seeing firsthand which songs resonate with certain guests so he can better curate the playlist he’s performing.

Guest Connection

One of Lin’s favorite parts of being able to move around while he performs is the intimate connections formed with guests. A private serenade is a rarity in today’s world, and Lin relishes the opportunity to make each guest feel like a VIP.

“When I make eye contact with a guest, walk up to them and perform just for them, it makes them feel seen, like their friend booked me just to perform for them.” Whether it’s a solo attendee, a bartender, or venue staff, Lin will bring everyone into the celebration.

An Extensive List of Music 

But being a roving musician isn’t without its challenges. With every piece of music committed to memory, Lin must have hours of material readily available. This demand for memorization adds a layer of complexity, but it also allows for spontaneity and personalized experiences for each guest.


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Most stationary performers can read music from an iPad or music stand. Since Lin is moving around through the events he performs, so every chord and every beat has to be memorized. And he has 3-4 hours of music ready to pull from. 

“I Swear It Was a Whole Band Performing.”

To hear Moses Lin perform is akin to an auditory illusion. Although he’s using only a guitar, you’ll hear all the parts of the song. “Ill arrange a song to create an instrumental guitar version where Im playing the melody, chords, bass line and percussion simultaneously.” And yes, he does this all with just a guitar.

The process of arranging a new song can take Lin up to 40 hours, but it’s well worth the time investment. “My favorite moment is when a guest is absolutely convinced Im performing with tracks or I have a hidden band somewhere, and then I just suddenly stop playing for a beat, hold up my hands as the music stops, and then come back in seamlessly on the next beat,” Lin says.

Your Own Private Concert

One notable thing beyond Lin’s talent is his visual appeal. Always dressed to the nines, Lin’s style is impeccable – but it’s for good reason. Lin believes people hear with their eyes. And his goal isn’t just to play beautiful music you can’t see. “When youre seated for the ceremony, and theres a musician in a tuxedo walking down the aisle serenading you, it feels like a private concert,” he says.

Multitasking at Its Finest

The ability to have full-blown conversations as he’s performing is maybe his most remarkable skill and adds effortless sophistication to every event. “I think Im the only roving musician in the industry that can create a social interaction while entertaining them.”

From Lake Como to New York, Moses Lin’s musical talents have taken him to top wedding destinations around the globe. His accolades speak volumes, recognized as a top wedding musician in the U.S. by The Knot and a two-time winner of Best Live Music at the California Wedding Day awards gala. His expertise has even caught the attention of mainstream media, with features on Netflix’s Bling Empire and CNBC. Heck, even Destination I Do’s own CEO hired him for her 50th wedding anniversary celebration at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.

Acoustic guitar player Moses Lin at performing at wedding

Photo by Sophie Epton

In a world where weddings are becoming increasingly personalized, Moses Lin’s roving talent offers a unique and memorable musical entertainment option. With his ability to engage guests, create intimate moments, and deliver exceptional performances, it’s no wonder he’s setting a new trend in weddings today. So, if you’re planning your special wedding day away, consider adding a touch of roving vibes to make it truly unforgettable.

Follow him on Instagram, check out his website, or listen to his Spotify Playlist. 

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