The Sweetest Bridal Party Proposal

September 13, 2021
Words by Lauren Ertl
Photos courtesy of Mixology Mixer

In the year 2021, we are all about making each and every moment count, especially when it comes to the whole wedding process, from planning to “I do.” One of those special moments for brides and grooms alike is asking their closest friends and family to stand beside them as they declare their vows. If you are a bride or groom about to make your “wedding party proposals,” why not take this chance to make them feel extra loved and important? 

Perfect for cocktail lovers who always wanted to learn how to craft both classic and whimsical beverages, Mixology Mixer provides the unique experience of a virtual, hands-on cocktail class. 

All thematic cocktail kits include everything needed to craft world-class cocktails including the spirit(s), mixers, garnishes, and step-by-step instructions via a virtual mixology session with the nation’s leading celebrity mixologists.

We actually got the pleasure of trying out one of Mixology Mixer’s bridal party proposals for ourselves, the Bride Squad box to be exact. For $90 each, your bridesmaids’ proposal boxes will include a fun and unique learning experience mixing cocktails like a Bling Bling (made with 187 Cupcake Prosecco, pineapple juice, lemon, edible glitter gold stars, and honey syrup) in an adorable “Bride Squad” Tumbler.

Not only will your gals be excited to say “yes” to being your bridesmaid, but they will also get to cheers to it with a craft cocktail they made “with” you!

P.s. Mixology Mixer also offers Batchelorette Party boxes and Welcome Gift boxes for guests.

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