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5 Tips To Hire a Wedding Photographer


September 7, 2021
Words by Kristi Blane
Photos courtesy of Justin Marantz

Picking your photographer is a huge step and it’s important to know what questions to ask. Wedding photographers have a front seat come w-day, so can also provide an interesting perspective on how to begin your planning. Photographer Justin Marantz has traveled the world photographing weddings and is sharing his “5 Tips for Hiring a Wedding Photographer.”

Pick your big 5.

The big 5 are location, photography, food, florist and entertainment, so book those first. These services are the first to book up and are often the most important decision a bride and groom will make for their wedding.

Create a budget for the photographer.

Justin and Mary recommend investing in a photographer because a good photographer can make everything look grander and capture your wedding style. For example, a professional can make a small venue appear bigger and make flowers appear lusher.

Assume the style you see is the style you get.

Reach out to vendors based on the examples they provide on their website. For example, each photographer has a style they are most comfortable and talented shooting in. It’s risky to request a photographer to change their style because once the pressure of the day is on a photographer, they will most likely resort back to their most natural style. Be willing to look through 42 pages of photographers to find the style you love. Once you find a few you love, start to reach out!

Remember photographers are interviewing you, too.

It’s important to reach out and gather information from a handful of photographers, but remember they are also interviewing you. Start building the relationship with your first email by mentioning why you’re reaching out in the first place. Was there a photo on their website you fell in love with? Have you followed their work for a while? This will make you stand out and start the relationship off on the right foot. And, avoid mentioning other photographers in your communication.

Make sure you’re comfortable.

A photographer will spend more time with you on your wedding day than your spouse, so make sure you’re comfortable with them. Set up a meeting or coffee date with potential photographers to make sure they are the correct fit. A great question to ask is, what their direction would be for posing. This will help you narrow down who you feel most comfortable with. If it’s a good fit, book it!

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