Tips for Black Brides’ to Achieve Dream Wedding Day Hair


December 28, 2023
Words by Lauren Ertl
Photos courtesy of Rebundle

As a Black bride with textured hair, achieving your ideal wedding look shouldn’t be a challenge, regardless of the destination. With the help of Tyshenna Phillips, Expert Braider from Rebundle, a certified trichologist, and owner of Empowhairment you can address concerns about weather-related factors and ensure your hair and scalp are in optimal condition for the big day.

Woman with box braids

Addressing Humidity and Heat

Opt for low-maintenance extension hairstyles like knotless braids or afro-textured clip-ins. These styles protect your natural hair from harsh weather conditions. Alternatively, if you choose to wear your hair extension-free, use anti-humidity and heat-resistant products to minimize frizziness and maintain your desired style.

Tyshenna says, “My favorite holding spray for textured hairstyles is the ‘Firm Holding Spray’ by Influance. It helps keep the hair in place even in humid conditions.”

Trichologist’s Expertise

As a certified Trichologist Tyshenna ensures that brides with hair and scalp issues can feel prepared to achieve their wedding day look with a routine.

Tyshenna explains, “I focus on creating a clean scalp and healthy, hydrated hair for my clients. This includes double cleansing the hair with gentle clarifying and moisturizing shampoos, followed by deep conditioning treatments to restore moisture balance.”

Black model with vitiligo shows off beauitful braids

Rebundle’s Products

Rebundle’s hair products have been instrumental in rejuvenating clients’ hair. They offer a lightweight and chemical-free alternative to traditional synthetic braiding hair.


Tyshenna shares her experience, “I tested Rebundle’s braidbetter in Honey on a client sensitive to regular braiding hair. The lightweight braids felt great, and she didn’t experience any irritation. I personally love Rebundle’s braidbetter in Chocolate, and the Baby Tress x Rebundle Edge BrushBaby Tress x Rebundle Edge Brush is fantastic.”

Set up of hair extension bundles on rack.

Pre-wedding Hair Care Routine:

It’s essential to establish a hair care routine leading up to your wedding. While individual needs vary, Tyshenna emphasizes the importance of…

  • maintaining moisture balance
  • regular cleansing
  • deep conditioning

Tyshenna advises, “Invest in a gentle clarifying and moisturizing shampoo free of sulfates and parabens. These ingredients can cause dryness and irritation. Additionally, ensure proper hydration by drinking enough water and consuming water-rich fruits and vegetables.”

By addressing weather-related concerns, implementing a personalized hair care routine, and using high-quality products, you can embrace your natural beauty and radiate with confidence on your special day.

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