Lash & Brow Growth Tips

Wedding Ready Lashes & Brows

August 15, 2019
Words by Lauren Marshall
Photos courtesy of Vegamour

When my grandma is applying her makeup, she says, “I’ve got to put my face on.” As a child, I didn’t get it. “You already have a face, Mawmaw,” I’d say. I get why she says that now. I mean, what lady doesn’t want long, luscious lashes and full, sculpted eyebrows? What if I told you that your makeup could stimulate the growth of your lashes and brows leading up to and on your destination wedding day?

We tried the Vegamour lash and brow products and couldn’t get enough of these innovations. The science behind the growth process is explained in the video below:


With the rise of concern with ingredients in products we use every day, Vegamour believes in safe and clinically proven natural hair growth. Not to mention, their products are 100% vegan!

The VegaLASH line offers eyelash serums and enhancers they advise to use in an easy four-step process for the best results.

1. Serum – for fuller, longer lashes apply 2x day

2. Primer – preps for flawless mascara & conditions overnight

3. Mascara – instant boldness plus a boost of serum

4. Remover – gently removes makeup and protects lashes

The vegaBROW line works similarly to the lash routine. For the brows, Vegamour advises ditching the tweezers and being as gentle as possible with your beautiful brows so they have a chance to flourish.

Explore all the products Vegamour has to offer! You can order a lash starter kit for $19.95 to try it out (free shipping is included.)

Set yourself on a path towards luscious lashes and eyebrows for your wedding away and long after!

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