Noel and Daniel laugh together walking shoulder to shoulder away from an old French countryside building with a red door

Saying “Oui!” in Wine Country: A Bordeaux Wedding


June 26, 2024
Words by Kristi Blane
Photos courtesy of Thomas Raboteur Photography

Forget the courthouse rush! Noel and Daniel took their love story to a whole new level with a stunning destination wedding in Bordeaux, France. Instead of the usual hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, they craved an intimate and unforgettable experience, and Bordeaux delivered in spades.

Finding the Perfect Chateau

Imagine rolling vineyards, a historic chateau, and the charm of a French countryside escape. That’s exactly what Chateau Le Vert offered Noel and Daniel. Their advice to other couples? When picking a venue, prioritize authenticity and envision the entire guest experience, not just the aesthetics. If possible, a visit in person is ideal – but don’t worry, virtual tours can work wonders too!

A collage with three images: two men in light gray suits walk in a grassy garden surrounded by trees; a close-up of a menu with gold wax seal, lavender sprigs, and elegant text; and a large, two-story stone building with tall windows.

A Celebration of Two Cultures

Their ceremony was a beautiful blend of their backgrounds. Readings in both French and English added a personal touch, while a traditional French dinner and Bordeaux wine tasting ensured a truly immersive experience for their loved ones.

A collage of five images from a wedding ceremony. The groom, dressed in a light gray suit, is seen laughing and standing with several groomsmen, all in similar suits. The outdoor setting includes a stone archway and greenery. The mood is joyous and celebratory.

Creating Lasting Memories for Guests

Planning a wedding from afar isn’t an easy feat, but Noel and Daniel found a champion in the chateau’s manager. He acted like a wedding planner extraordinaire, offering local expertise and vendor recommendations. To ensure their guests’ comfort, they arranged for airport transportation, nearby accommodations, and even a local activity guide – Bordeaux beyond the wedding!

The image series shows a same-sex wedding. The top image captures the couple kissing before an arched doorway while guests clap and a woman takes a photo. The bottom left picture shows the couple posing with guests in front of a building. The bottom right depicts the happy couple embracing.

Budgeting Bliss (and Unexpected Delights!)

Let’s talk budget! Noel and Daniel advise prioritizing what matters most and exploring all-inclusive packages. A healthy reserve fund is also key for any unexpected expenses. And speaking of unexpected delights, the perfect weather on their wedding day added a touch of magic that couldn’t be planned!

A collage of three images from a vineyard: Top left shows a person holding a bunch of grapes; Top right features a group of people in formal attire posing among the vines; Bottom right shows a woman in a beige dress smiling while others walk away in the background.

A Day Steeped in Personal Style

From the rustic-chic décor to the vineyard-inspired color palette, every detail reflected Noel and Daniel’s personalities. Their vows were especially touching, personalized messages that spoke volumes about their love story and values.

Top left: Two people in suits stand in front of a flowering bush, smiling and making celebratory gestures. Top right: The same two people stand side by side, looking out through large glass doors towards a green landscape. Bottom: A large, rustic building with numerous windows and shutters.

Local Vendors, Global Love

Hiring local vendors like Thomas Raboteur, the talented photographer they chose, enriched their experience. Their tip for navigating communication? Reliable recommendations and clear communication are key. Translation tools can be your best friend!

A three-part image: the first part shows a spiral staircase with a stone wall and metal railing. The second part displays a table set with a floral centerpiece of pink roses and a menu. The third part shows people seated at a dining table in a well-lit room.

Making Everyone Feel Welcome

Inclusivity was a priority. Group activities before the wedding helped everyone bond, and the menu catered to various dietary needs. This thoughtful approach ensured all the guests felt valued and involved in the celebration.

Noel and Daniel joyfully dance together in a bright, elegant room with wooden flooring. A chair and a framed sketch are visible in the background, and the room is softly lit by hanging light bulbs.

Looking Back with Love

While they would have loved to capture their pre-wedding Bordeaux adventure with friends, there are no regrets! Their biggest takeaway? Embrace flexibility and focus on celebrating your love, not achieving perfection.

Vendors: Photographer: Thomas Raboteur Photography & Venue: Château le Vert

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