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  • Friday, June 23, 2017

    A Big Sur Destination Wedding

    Words by Lindsey McIntosh
    Photos courtesy of Ashley Strong Photography

    Andrew and Shanna always found themselves taking romantic hikes and camping trips along the West Coast shoreline. So, having a destination wedding in Big Sur, California fit the couple’s personality best. “Andrew loves the ocean and I love the forest, so we felt Big Sur was the ideal location to satisfy both our loves for nature,” says the bride. The outdoor space for the ceremony was on a cliff overlooking the gorgeous Pacific Ocean. Shanna also mentions, “In my opinion, I thought it had better views than the resorts along Big Sur.”

    The couple was fortunate to have family and friends who were more than wiling to travel for their union. “They did not expect the view to be so incredible and neither did we,” says the couple. Since the ride to Point 16 was a bit windy and narrow, the couple felt providing transportation was a good idea and luckily there were no problems.

    When it came to planning their destination wedding, the couple took full advantage of Skype and Google Chat to communicate with vendors. Their wedding coordinator made a list of recommended vendors, making it easier for them to narrow down their decision. “Make time for the planning, luckily we did not have high expectations, so it was easier for us,” says the bride. They also used Wedding Wire to map out all their finances and created an Excel sheet to help organize all the tasks. Pinterest boards were created to help get their vision across to the vendors as well. The couple added, “We had great [communication with] Point 16 who helped us navigate where to stay, eat and hold gatherings.”

    Andrew and Shanna said they did spend more money by choosing a wedding away from home because there were several unexpected factors that jumped in last minute. “The space allowed us to keep an intimate setting with those who have shared our journey, which I do not think we could have achieved if held anywhere else,” says the couple.

    We asked the newlyweds to give advice to any future couples looking to have a destination wedding. “Embrace it all. The day is quick and there is so much richness that can fly by. We decided to have a sweetheart table and have five-to-ten minutes of alone time after we said our vows to share a space as husband and wife.” 

    Vendors: Photographer: Ashley Strong, Ceremony/Reception: Point 16, Florist: Big Sur Flowers, Stationary: Vista Print, Cake: Patisserie Bechler, Hair: Salon Bravissimo, Makeup: Triple Twist, Gown: Monique Lhuillier, Grooms Clothing: Indochino, VIdeographer: Audrey Alba Films, DJ: Los Gatos DJ Company.

  • Thursday, June 22, 2017

    Romantic Couples Retreats!

    Words by Nicole Dusanek
    Photos courtesy of The Crane Resort Barbados

    Congratulations on your destination wedding! To start your marriage off right, check out the IntimacyMoons Couples Retreats in Barbados, based off the teachings of a licensed marriage and family therapist. The retreats will be a luxury getaway focused on you and your spouse in order to open conversations necessary to bring about growth, mutual understanding and clarity in your relationship. Taken to the next level, this retreat offers island excursions and expert relationship guidance from a licensed couples and sex therapist.

    As a result of opening conversation and discussing relationship issues many couples face such as trust, intimacy, communication and resolving conflict, you will gain better clarity on your relationship, how to communicate and vulnerability. Furthermore, the memories you make and the moments you experience during an IntimacyMoons Couples Retreat will create a bond and connect you to your spouse in a bold, new way.

    Now that you and your significant other have tied the knot and you’re excited to start your lives together, start off on the right foot. Quality, depth and clarity of effective communication between you two will set you on the path of a successful marriage. And that path can start on an IntimacyMoons Retreat, where you can expect to talk in-depth and clearly on some of the most important marital issues that will set the foundation for you married life together.

    According to IntimacyMoons, the important marital issues that are discussed on the retreats are:

    Vision of Marriage

    How each person in the relationship views the marriage is important when looking at the direction your marriage will take in the future. This means understanding the importance of the vows you said on your wedding day and what they really mean to you. This retreat will allow you both to explore the expectations you have of each other and of the marriage. 

    Family of Origin

    The way you are brought up and the family you come from will influence the person you have become. In order for you to move forward in wedded bliss, sometimes you must first look back at your families and experiences with them growing up that have shaped who you are. You adopt pieces of your upbringing and carry it into all aspects of your relationship, and it’s important to see what influences and family dynamics you’re bringing into your marriage. What negative aspects or family patterns do you not want to repeat?

    Conflict & Communication

    Bumps in the road are to be expected, but how do you handle conflict as a couple? What are some of the ways that you could improve the way that you engage in conflict? Do you fight fair or sometimes hit below the belt? Be introspective and talk to your partner about what you are accountable for when emotions get to a boiling point.


    Most people have heard the mantra that many marriages fail over finances. Money may seem finite, measurable and emotionless, but throughout your life the presence, absence and/or sufficiency of money to meet your needs inevitably leads to a very personal and emotional relationship with it.

    However, it is supremely important for both of you to be brave and open up as to what your personal relationship with money is. Remember the aim is not to judge your partner’s past or preference of managing finances, but rather to reach a common wavelength for your joint financial decision-making.

    Sex & Intimacy

    Many couples often mistake sex and intimacy as interchangeable terms. While it is true that sex is the most physically intimate shared experience for couples, intimacy extends well beyond just the physical act. The secret lies in connection and emotional safety.

    Sex is but one of the tools in your toolbox that you both use to express you desire, passion, vulnerability and love for each other. Beyond the wedding night, it is very important as a couple to nurture your connection both inside and outside the bedroom. What makes you both feel close and how does it make you feel to be satisfied by each other?

    To learn more about IntimacyMoons Retreats in Barbados, and to sign up for the upcoming September 7-11, 2017 getaway, please visit

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