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3 Different Lash Styles for Your Wedding Day


December 12, 2023
Words by Paris Lash Academy
Photos courtesy of PLA

With the wedding bells ringing, the allure of captivating lashes is undeniable. Unveil the secrets of lash styles tailored for brides-to-be with insights from Michelle Nguyen, a seasoned lash artist and the visionary behind PLA (formerly known as Paris Lash Academy). Let’s explore three enchanting lash styles—Kitten Eye, Cat Eye, and Doll Eye—each crafted to enhance your bridal beauty.

Kitten Eye: Universally Flattering Elegance

Kitten eyelash mapping guide

Embrace a universally flattering choice that commences with shorter extensions at the inner corner, gradually extending towards the arch of your eyebrows. The longest extensions adorn the arch point, gracefully tapering towards the outer corner.

Michelle reveals, “This style imparts a lifting effect, making your eyes appear bigger and brighter.” Ideal for combating “tired” eyes or those with a downturned shape, Kitten Eye is the epitome of timeless elegance.

As Kitten Eye harmonizes with the natural shape of your eyes, it caters to a wide audience, easily customizable to match individual eye shapes. Michelle adds, “It’s a fantastic option for those desiring a cat eye look without the specific eye shape or lash strength.”

When to Choose It: Whether you seek drama or a more natural look, Kitten Eye adapts to your preference. Elevate it for a dramatic flair or tone it down for a subtle, natural allure on your special day.

Cat Eye: Elevate the Drama

Cat eyes eyelash mapping guide

The Cat Eye, an embodiment of elegance, gracefully ascends from the inner to the outer corner, elongating your eyes for a mesmerizing, dramatic effect.

Michelle advises, “A cat eye doesn’t work well on every type of eye.” Almond eyes, round/prominent eyes, and some hooded eyes are the ideal canvas for this style. Avoid it if you have downturned outer corners, as it may accentuate a droopy appearance.

Perfect for glamorous events, the dramatic flick of the Cat Eye creates a striking look. Adjust the length for everyday wear, allowing you to carry a touch of drama into your daily life.

Doll Eye: The Epitome of Drama

Doll eyes eyelash mapping guide

Doll Eye, a daring choice, features the longest extensions at the middle, symmetrically decreasing towards the outer and inner corners. Precision is key in achieving the symmetrical perfection of this style.

As the name implies, the Doll Eye style enlarges and brightens your eyes, smoothing out natural lash length inconsistencies for a symmetrical, flawless finish.

Who It’s Meant For: Ideal for almond, downturned, or hooded eyes, the Doll Eye style captivates with its dramatic impact. However, it may overwhelm naturally round, prominent eyes, making them appear disproportionately large.

Reserved for the bold and high-drama occasions, Doll Eye is the ultimate choice for brides seeking a show-stopping gaze on their special day. Save it for those unforgettable moments that demand a touch of theatrical elegance.

Unveil your bridal beauty with lashes that speak volumes, and let these enchanting styles accentuate your eyes in the most captivating way possible.

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