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October 12, 2021
Words by Lauren Ertl
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Taking care of your skin leading up to the day of your wedding probably isn’t top-of-mind for you, and that’s to be expected. You have a lot to think about! Okay, first thing’s first, take a deep breath. Secondly, remember that your partner is going to think you are stunning no matter what! Now, clear skin is totally achievable if you follow the advice of the experts (aestheticians).

We spoke with Vanessa Gil who is the skincare specialist at Wellness Jar Medical Spa in North Palm Beach, Florida and who has more than 20 years of experience as a licensed aesthetician. Gil shared helpful tips and tricks for achieving clear, beautiful W-day skin!

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1. What are the best treatments/procedures for brides/grooms to get to achieve glowing skin on their special day?

Different treatments have different amounts of lead time and different amounts of sessions in order to see optimal results. We have created a timeline for brides and grooms to map out which procedures they should receive, with what frequency, and how far in advance of their wedding that they should begin.


This is the time for a 360 consultation with your provider to discuss your goals, your concerns and your options. This is where you can really customize a plan and timeline that is specific to you. One way to add more fun is to share the journey with your bridal party. We suggest starting with a virtual session that you can all do together to get started by asking questions and hearing questions your bridesmaids ask. Then each of you can follow up with a one-on-one session to finalize each plan.

Skin Care
Work with your provider to define a home care routine. You may want to introduce medical grade products such as Retinol and you want to ensure you are optimizing your products and sequencing to achieve desired results.

Vivace RF MicroNeedling Plus PRP
To help get your skin’s texture and firmness picture-perfect, we recommend a series of 3-6 sessions, depending on your skincare goals, spread four weeks apart.

If your provider recommends a collagen stimulator like Sculptra, you want to allow enough time for the results to take shape. Sculptra can take 2-4 months to see results and you also may need multiple injections during that time frame to achieve your desired end result.

Results typically start to show at 4 weeks, but the destroyed fat can continue to be dispelled from the body for up to 6 months. Additionally, this time frame allows you to potentially have more than one round of treatments.


Juvéderm Filler
Freshen up your look with Filler. There are now so many different types of Filler available in the Juvederm Collection of Fillers. Maybe you are hoping for fuller lips or want your cheeks to look great without blush. Today’s fillers enable subtle natural looking enhancements customized to your goals. We suggest scheduling this 3-4 months in advance of your big day to allow for the full effects to kick in and some time for fine tuning if needed.


Whether it is preventative or targeting some pesky fine lines you don’t want to see in wedding photos, Botox can help. We recommend 1 month ahead of the big day. However, if this is your first time getting Botox, you should push this back 6 months to ensure you have time to see how your muscles react.

HydraFacial MD plus Dermaplaning
Schedule two treatments, two weeks apart, with the final treatment one week prior to your wedding day. We recommend scheduling a session in the Pure Air Bubble immediately following treatment to reduce any redness from Dermaplaning and energize your body and skin.

The one-month mark is where you should avoid introducing something new that could possibly be too harsh or invoke a reaction in your skin. From now to wedding day you are more gently pampering and prepping for that glow.


Complete your second treatment so your skin is glowing on the outside as much as you are from the inside.

Lash & Brow Tint
While you are going to have amazing make-up for the big day, you likely want to look equally amazing on your honeymoon. Lash tinting helps you have the lashes you want without mascara. Brow tinting gives you a bolder look, but doesn’t have that ‘drawn on’ look since it is your actual hair.

Vitamin IV and Pure Air Bubble
Wedding planning can be stressful and pre-celebrations can take their toll. Plan your pre-and-post IVs to ensure you are feeling your best.

2.  What types of products do you recommend brides/grooms start using in the months leading up to their wedding?

The products you need to achieve photo-ready skin on your big day are as unique as you are. What works for your maid of honor’s skin type may not be right for you. Take advantage of experts and get a skin consultation from an esthetician. They can look at your current products and ensure they are a match to your skin type and conditions. They can also educate you on ingredients which work well together and those which can actually cancel each other out. The order you apply your products can also make a big difference to effectiveness. Give yourself plenty of lead time to allow a new or refined routine to have an impact on your skin.

A lot of my clients are using good products but maybe not so good for them. I also see a lot of confusion on what to apply when, so we started to put stickers on products to help them remember.

You want to ensure your skincare routine includes steps to cleanse and exfoliate, but be mindful too much and too little can be equally bad for your skin. This step helps to prepare your skin to take in all the goodness you need from your other products.

The next step is to prevent or correct specific skin conditions. I recently had a woman who was using a very expensive moisturizer, but it was too heavy for her skin and was actually causing her to have tiny bumps all over her face (milia). A simple switch of products and the bumps went away and her skin got back to being beautiful. It is important you are using the right products specific to your skin type and the conditions to prevent or correct.

The final step is to protect your skin. Sun damage is the easiest way to reverse any gains you make in your skin care routine. Wear sunscreen every day. You want this to be your last step. Your other products need to penetrate your skin. Sunscreen needs to sit on top and create that ‘shield’ for you.

3. Are there any products or foods brides/grooms should try and avoid for the sake of their wedding day skin?

Diet can definitely play a big role in nourishing the skin. When it comes to skin health, many nutritionists will point to things like antioxidants (Vitamins A, C, and E) and Omega 3 fatty acids. However, they will also tell you that you really don’t need to focus on specific foods for healthy skin, but rather focus on a healthy diet overall and the skin will reflect those good choices. The biggest things to avoid – sugar and processed food. These not only jeopardize your dress size, but they can be what’s behind things like inflammation, acne, and premature aging. The bottom line is that if your skin is nourished it will look good!


4.  What new skincare trends are you excited about? Are there any you recommend couples veer away from?

Products with Growth Factor can deliver amazing results for both lines and hydration. However, not all products are created equal. Some products may have good ingredients, but if it doesn’t have the right delivery method it cannot penetrate to the right layer of skin and do its job. I love ZO Skin Health Growth Factor Serum and NeoCutis Lumiere.

Nearly every dermatologist will tell you that Retin-A is still one of most effective ingredients you can leverage for skin health. I find some people are afraid of these products because they have seen or experienced flaking or other skin irritation. The trick is tostart slow and let your skin get used it. You can start with as little as 2-3 times per week and work up to more over time. Also always use at night and don’t combine with other exfoliants like Vitamin C. When used correctly, these products can work on any skin and deliver amazing results. I love ZO Skin Health Radical Night Repair and for a prescription solution, you can’t beat ReFissa.

Now, take the opportunity to do some self-care before the big day while also maintaining gorgeous skin!

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